An orchestra, like a human being, requires all of its parts to work together.

On the 25th August 2015 Tim Minchin and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra came together to perform Neil Finn’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over'. But there was more to the performance than expected.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Tim Minchin and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and watch The Fading Symphony take shape.

Watch Tim Minchin and Kirsten Harley meet and talk about the importance of staying positive when faced with adversity.



Thank you to all the talented people who gave their time to make The Fading Symphony possible

‘Don’t Dream It’s Over'

  • Performed by
  • Tim Minchin
  • and
  • The Musicians of the
    Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • Arranged and Conducted by Benjamin Northey
  • Filmed at City Recital Hall, Sydney Australia
  • Executive Producer: Michael Lynch
  • Audio Director: Tony David Cray
  • Recording Engineer: Adrian Riddell
  • Assistant Engineer: Brendan Bowden
  • Assistant Engineer: David Mohr
  • Produced and Mixed by Tony David Cray
  • Equipment kindly provided by NorWest Productions
  • ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over' written by Neil Finn
    © Published by Lasora Ltd
    Administered by Kobalt Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

  • Rory Jeffes
  • Eleasha Mah
  • Laura Daniel
  • Rachel Whealy
  • Benjamin Schwartz
  • The Musicians of the
    Sydney Symphony Orchestra

One Louder Management

  • Bill Cullen
    Neil Finn

Kobalt Music Publishing

  • Simon Moor
  • Allegra Caldwell

City Recital Hall, Sydney Australia

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